Sunday, December 28, 2008

nearly 2 weeks in the MTC!!

Hard to believe but Sean has been in the MTC for 11 days already...nearly 2 weeks. He is loving it. He has written one short letter and is getting to know the other German missionaries. He says that many are heading to Frankfurt, which makes him excited :)

His first week he was able to see Elders Bednar and Elder Holland as they came and spoke with them. That was pretty exciting for him. He would love if President Utchdorf came and spoke

I imagine Sean is seeing more snow this past week then he has in his entire life...well other than his snow caving trips up to Mount Hood. Then again, he doesn't get outside that much since he is inside studying a great deal and only walking between buildings to get to places.

Elder Cameron Merritt will enter the MTC this coming Wednesday, December 31st. Hopefully the two will find each other and get a photo together by "the map". It is great that Sean, Cameron and Garrett are all serving missions together. They have been friends since they were all very young.
Soon hopefully McKay will be doing the same!

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