Saturday, January 17, 2009

4 Weeks Already!!!!

Sean is LOVING life in the MTC(missionary training center)

in Provo Utah. He has enjoyed his first 4 weeks and I am sure has learned more, studied more, prayed more, eaten more than any other time yet in his life! And he still loves it!

He has been kept pretty well fed by the MTC and he often doesn't feel too great after eating at their cafeteria. As he wrote in his most recent letter: "read Jeremiah 4:19 and that about sums it up." That verse begins: " my bowels, my bowels!" :) Thankfully his Aunt Shelly who lives close by in Orem is able to supply him once a week with yummies that she has made from her kitchen. I KNOW he is loving that. Not to mention the care packages from Grandma Whitnah and Us. We aren't having to worry about Sean shrinking in size any time soon :)

Since Sean has been at the MTC he has had a couple of oppurtunities to attend the Temple there in Provo and he really has enjoyed the experiences. He has felt the Spirit there and looks forward to going each week on his P day(Prep Day). We were glad to hear too that Sean was able to connect to a good friend of his, Cameron Merritt. Cameron will set off on Monday for his mission in Australia. Good luck to you Cameron!!

The People of Germany are really being prepared for missionaries to enter their country. On Monday 14 missionaries left the MTC bound for areas there. On this past Wednesday 24 new missionaries entered the MTC, also bound for Germany in 8 weeks. Right now there are 44 missionaries learning German and getting ready to grace that beautiful country!!! How exciting. And the people of Germany are so ready to have the Gospel.

I am glad Sean is doing well and I am sure things will only get better for him as long as he focuses on what he is doing and will work hard with those he serves. He has been greatly blessed and we are so thankful for him in our family. He's a great guy. Love you Elder Whitnah!!

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