Thursday, February 5, 2009

Elder Whitnah will head off on the 23rd

Well we now know that Sean will head for Germany on the 23rd. It's good to know for sure when he will be leaving for Frankfurt. He has been doing really well and practicing with the other missionaries by asking questions of one another in German. He and his companion did a complete 2nd discussion in German this week and did really well. He was really pleased with himself.

His mission President has written us this week and asked us to share some insights into Sean so that he might better get to know him prior to his arrival in Germany. He sounded really excited to meet Sean and get him to working in the field!

Sean continues to enjoy attending the Temple in Provo and looks forward to the chance that he might be able to also have a chance to attend the Frankfurt Temple while he is on his mission. Becky served in Berlin but never had the oppurtunity to attend the Freiburg Temple while she was there as she never served in the areas near the Temple. Sean might just have a better chance at it. At least he is hoping so.

Thanks for so many who have written to Sean while he has been in the MTC. He has really appreciated the letters and cards. And he really appreciates the goodies that are sent his way as well. In his recent email he told us that 17 new missionaries entered the MTC bound for Germany in the next 8 weeks. That brings the grand total to 61 missionaries. How cool is that?! Sean now feels like one of the "older" missionaries in the MTC in that he has been there for 7 weeks now and can't wait to be in Germany soon

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