Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 months in Germany

Sean has been in Germany now for 2 months. His German improves more and more each week, which he is glad of. His companion, Elder Hawker is the District Leader, which means Sean and Elder Hawker spend a great deal of time traveling. This week Wes' Mom called us and shared something cool with us. She has found a line on her family side that traces back to the 1300's. The name was Van Bitten or Van Bitter. Guess where this family is from? The city of Krefeld...where Sean is now serving as a missionary. How cool is that!? Sean could end up teaching one of his distant cousins about the Gospel. We will get to hear Sean's voice on Mother's Day...can't wait!
I have included this interesting photo of Sean looking up at the gates of the castle...I have to wonder what he was thinking :) Good times on Pday.


  1. Hi! I'm the mother of a missionary in the Frankfurt mission as well. My son arrived in Germany on April 7th. He is serving in Bonn. It is fun to see some other missionary sites. My son is Elder Kevin Manning.

  2. Hello is your son liking Germany thus far? Did he take German in HS? Sean took 3 years but even still he is now really learning it :) Feel free to email me if you'd like...I am sure your son and my son knew each other in the MTC..our son left for Germany on February 23. my email is: