Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 Months on His Mission!

Hard to believe but true, Elder Whitnah has been on his mission for 6 months already. He wrote today and said he was going to buy himself a stein to celebrate his 6th month mark. The work in Dusseldorf seems a bit slow right now. Many appointments are made but the majority of them fall through. He and his companion are teaching a woman and her inactive husband right now and that seems to be progressing well.

Some fun news in regards to his area of Dusseldorf. This past Sunday while at Church a young woman approached him and looked at his name tag. She responded by saying "I served in Berlin with your sister, Sister Becky Whitnah!" What a small world it truly is?! It was Sister Karen Hadzik who served in Leipzig with Becky as well as in Teirgarten with her as a companion. Karen is from Dusseldorf.

Sean has been in Dusseldorf for 4 weeks now. He is loving the work even though at times it gets discouraging because he and his companion are not having great success. He continues to LOVE the foods he finds in Germany....especially donors(sp?)....Becky loved them as well!

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  1. Grace--my son talks about doners all the time as well. He sent a picture to his brother of himself eating one--it was huge!