Sunday, August 2, 2009

7 months on Sean's mission

Hard to believe but Sean has been in Germany now for 5 months. Making his total mission time 7 months. He is still in Dusseldorf serving with Elder Bennett. Elder Bennett is from Idaho and apparently a bit more shy about talking to people on the streets and bahns about the Gospel. Sean has not been shy at all. He reminds Elder Bennett that the reason he is in Germany is to share the Gospel and he wants to do this every chance he gets.
On his P day he along with his companion and other Elders in his Distrikt like to visit areas around Dusseldorf. From hiking to visiting old German castles. He loves having this opportunity to tour and visit some of the areas he serves in.
Teaching people in Germany can sometimes be tough. Often many will set up an appointment with them but then cancel out and just not be home. Other times they allow Sean and his companion to teach one lesson and then they do not want to hear anymore of what the missionaries have to say. Sean is hoping to find some people who are more prepared and ready to hear.
Just this last email Sean wrote of an Afrikan man who stopped them in the street who asked to know more about what they believed. This man was looking for truth. Sean and his companion were pretty excited. They are hoping that this man will continue to have the desire to learn more and eventually get baptized. That would be cool!!

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