Friday, April 9, 2010

Sean's Mission update

Wow, I have been way behind on writing about Sean and his mission! The last time I wrote he had been out for 8 months..that was in August of he has 8+ months left until he comes home! Where has the time gone? It sure seems like his mission is zipping on by. It's kind of sad in a way how quickly it is going. He will most probably be our last missionary to serve, unless Bethany opts to serve...time will tell on that regard.
Sean has been able to serve in several areas in his mission. He began in Krefeld where he served for 2 transfers (3mths). Emma, Wes' Mom told us that she was able to do some research and found that Krefeld Germany was once part of Holland and it just so happens that that city was an area where once the Whitnah Family lived...or those related to the Whitnah family. Sean then served 2 transfers in Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is one of the largest cities in all of Germany and very busy..close to 600,000 people live there. After Dusseldorf Sean served for one transfer in an area known as Langen, he was there for one transfer and then he was transferred to Kaiserslatern. I think K-Town was one of Sean's most favorite areas to serve. He said that it reminded him of Pennsylvania where I grew up and where my family still lives. He was lucky to serve there for 3 transfers and he had a great companion to serve with. He is now on his second transfer in Weisbaden Germany. He serves in the US Military Service Ward. He loves it there as well. Just recently President Utchdorf rededicated all of Germany for the preaching of the Gospel. Since this has occurred Sean has noticed increased numbers in those who are interested in hearing about the Gospel and he is super busy. This is great!

Another thing is the German Missions will change in July and the Frankfurt Mission will take the Czech Republic as well as 1 district that was once part of the Hamburg Mission, the Hamburg Mission will be taken over by the Berlin Mission. One area of the Berlin Mission will go to the Frankfurt Mission and that is Erfurt District...this is where Becky served part of her would be so cool if Sean had the chance to serve in Erfurt. I don't know whether it will happen or not but it would be neat! Also a small area of the Munich mission where Wes served will become part of the Frankfurt Mission and Wes thinks it would be cool if Sean served there too. Time is running shorter though and by the time the changes take place Sean will only have a few months left of his mission.
All the years and time he has had to look forward to these 2 years and to know now that they are nearly over with makes me sad. But I am thankful he chose to serve and I know he will never regret it and will always have fond memories of his time he served

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